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Rated x or rated G

After drinking far too much last night I have decided to make it clear that my blog will have mature content. How are the two related you say? Simply I have read more erotica in the last 3 months than should be allowed, will more than likely read more in the months to come and so the reviews I will be writing are of an adult nature. Today I’m hung over and thinking clearly that 1. why did I abuse myself and 2. its time to come out of the dark so to speak and do what I like. 3. The majority of the blogs I follow/read are of a mature nature. 4. it might just be my mid-life crisis talking. 5. it could be a million other things.

We will see how far this goes or whether or not its a complete bust.


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Who is Mermaid?

Mermaid loves all things associated with the ocean and diving but most of all she is an avid reader and will be testing her skills in writing and hopefully along the way will inspire others to do the things they love.

After many months of reading  blogs and books I decided it was time to revive my blog. Originally a  it was on Yahoo and I used it to just give my opinion on current events. This blog will not be that. Here my plan is to review blogs and books that strike a chord with me.  Later in the year I will be taking a family vacation and if anything cool happens it will appear here.  Comments are always welcome.

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