Mermaid- A body found An animal plant documentary re-aired

While surfing the channels while on vacation I stumbled upon a the documentary that has supporting evidence  that a humanoid like creature exists in our oceans.  I was but having a previous engagement I made a note of it and promised myself that I would watch it at a later time.   Two weeks later vacation over and a day after spending more time waiting on planes to take off  than I care to remember, I watched the documentary in its entirety.  My first reaction was Mermaids exist , my second reaction was I hope we never find them again. My third reaction – could I really believe what I just saw or was it a hoax. I do have to say that the animation was fun to watch, the recreation of what Mermaid look like even cooler but in the end I was not truly convinced.  I do believe that there are other creatures in the ocean that we have yet to discover and they may have humanoid characteristics.

For now if they do exist then I hope we (humans) let them live in peace.

Mankind is known for destroying and or driving things we know nothing about to extinction. -( Mermaids,2012)


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